Techno Express series is very economic series with unique features
Available In 400, 550, 650 VA
Wide Charging Rang 160 V Ac To 260 V Ac
High - Low Cut Off
Auto Restart
Overload Protections
5 Led Indicators
Low Battery Protections
Desant Looks
Modified Squre Wave Out Put
Cable Trays Image
Cable Trays Image
The Excellent Model In It's Category
Available In 550 VA & 750 VA
Single PCB
13 Leds Bright Display
Battery Status In Four Bright Green Leds
Load Status In Four Bright Green Leds
High—Low Voltage Cut Of With Auto Reset
Smart Over Load Management
DC Proctection Again Short Ckt
Trical Charging Gives Wide Charging Range Bettween 130v To 290 V Also Save 70% Electricity
Stable Out Put
Low Battery Proctections
Unique Slim Looks
Techno Activa Series Have A Wide Choise Of Load Applications
Available In 900 VA (Single Battery) 1350 VA , 1650 VA ( Double Battery)
900 Va The Only Inverter Comes With Single Battery
Unique Trical Charging System Save Up To 70% Electricity
Bright 5 Led Display
High Area Vantilations Keep Machine Heat Less
15 Amp Out Socket Give High Current Stability On Mains
Low Battery Protections
Auto Restart On Over Load For Ten Times
Short Ckt Protections
Cable Trays Image